Mainzer Breitband & synaforce: A partnership for the future



Mainzer Breitband GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mainzer Stadtwerke AG, has made a name for itself since 2017 with the expansion of a high-performance fiber optic network in Mainz and the region. The collaboration with synaforce has created a powerful combination of fibre optic technology and cloud expertise for the Mainz area:  



This cooperation offers local and regional companies a seamless and efficient connection for specialized services, especially in critical infrastructure areas. The combination of Mainz Broadband's local infrastructure and synaforce's expertise in cloud technologies enables the development of efficient solutions for individual customer requirements.


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Our collaboration is characterized by close coordination and fast decision-making processes and sets standards in the digital landscape. By combining the strengths of both partners at regional level, tailor-made and customer-oriented solutions can be offered.

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