Address current IT security risks with comprehensive and innovative solutions!



Michael Pfau, Security & Network Specialist at synaforce, advises timely action.

Today's business world is increasingly threatened by IT security risks, especially the growing threat of malware attacks. Companies face the challenge of not only reacting to these threats, but also proactively combating them.


synaforce, a leading provider of data centre, cloud and managed services solutions, offers businesses a comprehensive and proven range of services to mitigate these risks and ensure reliable security.


Malware risks and proactive measures

Malware attacks can have a devastating impact on businesses, from data loss and business interruption to the immense cost of rebuilding entire IT environments after a ransomware attack.

synaforce offers comprehensive measures and services to counter these risks. This starts with the deployment and operation of a modern, central virus protection, device control and patch management as well as a multi-level backup solution. This is complemented by manageable network switches with L2 security functions for precise control of data traffic, centrally controlled WLAN for secure wireless communication, segmentation through firewall zones for the protection of network resources and network access controls (NAC) for monitoring and controlling network access.

Upstream, state-of-the-art technologies are also used to defend against spam and phishing emails, to protect published web services and filter undesirable web categories, for virus protection, application control and intrusion prevention when using Internet services.


Comprehensive service and consulting by synaforce 

synaforce supports companies both in technical implementation and with consulting, training, management and hosting services. Companies can have their IT environment hosted in the certified and highly fail-safe data centres of synaforce GmbH, either completely, as a hybrid environment or only individual IT services. In addition, synaforce continuously takes care of software updates and patch management as well as outsourced backups.

Employee sensitisation and risk check

synaforce also supports companies in organisational aspects. This includes employee sensitisation, for example through campaigns including evaluation and training for employees on the subject of phishing, in order to sensitise employees to threats. In addition, synaforce offers comprehensive risk checks for the infrastructure, which reveal weak points and offer concrete recommendations for action to improve security. 

"Our holistic solutions are designed to protect companies not only from existing IT security threats, but also from future ones," informs Michael Pfau, Security & Network Specialist at synaforce. "Through our expertise and commitment, we offer companies the support they need to future-proof data and business processes and maintain their availability. For more information on synaforce as well as our comprehensive IT security solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us."