Customised software solutions for banks and ATM operators



Customised software solutions for banks and ATM operators - This is how the "ITecon FS" team complements synaforce's 360-degree services. 

In an increasingly digitalised world, where banks and ATM operators depend on reliable and efficient software solutions, the partnership with an experienced and renowned company like ITecon Financial IT-Service GmbH is invaluable. With the experience of over 10 years in the market, the manufacturer of special software offers services and tailor-made solutions according to German security and compliance standards and thus contributes significantly to the success and growth of its customers. With this range of services, the "ITecon FS" team now also extends synaforce's comprehensive 360-degree services for companies in the banking and finance sector. 


Core competence in software development 

The development and configuration of innovative software for the operation of ATMs is the core competence of "Team ITecon FS". The experienced IT experts work closely with customers to analyse their business processes and develop customised solutions. In this way, the specific requirements and needs of the customers are taken into account in order to achieve optimal results. Synaforce supports customers in all project phases, from conceptualisation, planning and development to implementation and final control. The latest technologies and proven methodologies are used to ensure an efficient and user-friendly software solution, including central transaction and booking processing according to European standards, self-service and deposit and withdrawal functions. 


Hosting via the cloud or on-premise operation 

Banks and ATM operators also benefit from the option of hosting the developed software in synaforce's secure IT environment. This allows customers to manage their systems and data in a secure, flexible, scalable and cost-saving way, while benefiting from synaforce's technical expertise. In the process, synaforce's state-of-the-art, TÜV-certified and sustainable data centres ensure reliable execution and the highest levels of security and data protection. By using cloud technology, customers can thus access their software and data from anywhere without having to use their own IT resources. 

At the same time, customers can also operate the software developed for them on-premise in their own IT environment via a purchase licence. Thanks to synaforce's modular services, customers can flexibly decide which areas they want to operate themselves and which should be taken over by synaforce. They can add further services at any time and benefit from the comprehensive support of synaforce's experienced IT specialists. 


Multiple advantages for customers in the banking and finance industry 

Synaforce offers customers from the banking and finance industry individual software solutions and comprehensive IT services for the operation of ATMs. Consultancy and project support ensure optimal implementation of the solutions developed, taking into account all the customers' requirements. As a result, they benefit from innovations and increased efficiency as well as optimised processes. Provision via the cloud offers flexibility and cost savings, while the state-of-the-art IT infrastructure ensures security and data protection compliance. In addition, synaforce supports the operation of the software in the customer's own IT environment with flexible service offerings. With many years of experience, technical know-how and a customer-oriented approach, synaforce is thus the ideal partner for banks and ATM operators who want to successfully position themselves for the digital future.