Synaforce CMO Hannes Beierlein on the sports sponsorship philosophy



"Both motorsport and football are associated with values such as competition, passion, teamwork and excellence, which we live and promote at synaforce." 

Our data centre services require continuous innovation and efficiency. In our view, these values can also be applied to sport, where excellence and continuous improvement are crucial. We promote these values internally in HR, but also externally through sports sponsorship, to empower our employees as well as teams and players who strive for innovation and efficiency. 

Focus on motorsport and football 

As a provider of high-end data centre services, we are focused on technological and digital excellence and reach an interested, discerning audience for our technological solutions in professional motorsport nationwide. By sponsoring youth football at the local level as well as cross-national motorsport, we are able to nurture young talent and instil values, while supporting the immensely important voluntary work of coaches in society. 

Similarly, by providing reliable data centre services, where close collaboration with customers and partners is crucial, our sponsorship activities allow us to offer our teams and athletes the opportunity to build partnerships and community outside their "bubble", i.e. in the club or racing team. 


We are more than happy to emphasise the idea of cooperation and collaborative success outside of silos in our internal communications as well. "Through our sponsorship connections, we can and want to extend our values and goals to a broader level and pass on our focus on innovation, efficiency, community and technological excellence in a multi-dimensional way," emphasises Hannes Beierlein and looks forward to further successful cooperation in the Porsche-Cup with Huber-Racing.



CMO Hannes Beierlein enjoys sports in addition to his family and outside of work: skydiving, kiting, tennis, rowing, football or racing - the main thing is to be active, outdoors and in a team.