synaforce at DMEA 2024: Profitable cloud solutions for the healthcare sector



In a world where digitalization in the healthcare sector is advancing inexorably, the focus is on the question of how healthcare companies, clinic operators and healthcare providers can master the challenges of the modern IT landscape. synaforce will provide answers to this question at DMEA 2024 from April 9 to 11 in Berlin.


Together with renowned hospital managers who will share their experiences and tangible benefits for their facilities, the synaforce experts at DMEA will present current success stories from the field, such as those of the Marienhaus Group and the Menterschwaige Clinic in Munich, and provide insights into how synaforce is actively accelerating the digital transformation in the healthcare sector with its Digital Health Services.

As a full-service provider in the provision of cloud solutions and IT services for the healthcare sector, synaforce will be presenting its entire range of managed services and security solutions at Europe's leading trade fair for digital health. 

- Cloud solutions for the healthcare sector and clinics
- Digitization projects for hospitals
- Certified full managed service providing
- IT security & NIS2 security in the healthcare sector (IT & OT) 
- Solutions on the TEHTRIS XDR platform (EDR/EPP/SIEM/NTA) 

The focus will be on customized IT services that meet the strict NIS2 security requirements in the healthcare sector, as well as the presentation of comprehensive solutions for networking in the hospital sector and the healthcare industry. Synaforce and Michael Heinlein, expert for the digitalization of hospitals, will present the latest developments, use cases and references at the trade fair stand in Hall 2.2/A-117, showing how innovations, full services and individual solution concepts can drive the digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

Success stories from the field

Two use cases from 2023/2024, one from the Marienhaus Group and the other from the Menterschwaige Clinic in Munich, will be used to explain how synaforce is actively accelerating the digital transformation in the healthcare sector with its Digital Health Services.

The service portfolio is aimed at both smaller and much larger facilities with comprehensive cloud solutions in synaforce's own, highly certified and energy-efficient data centers, which are specially tailored to the needs and requirements of critical infrastructure sectors: 

From the development to the implementation of individual, future-proof and scalable cloud strategies that guarantee high availability, performance and compliance, vendor-independent and technology-agnostic solutions to the realization of flexible and future-proof solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT landscapes.

Customer testimonials:

Christoph Wagner, Managing Director of the Marienhaus Group: "For the Marienhaus Group, the migration of our servers will result in increased operational stability. With Synaforce's future-oriented operating model, our company and thus also all facilities for the care and support of people have a state-of-the-art data center at their disposal, which offers a secure and high-performance environment for further digitization in all areas."

Karin Koerber, Managing Director of Klinik Menterschwaige in Munich: "The challenges in the healthcare sector, particularly in the areas of data protection and security, are growing exponentially. With synaforce as a digitalization partner at our side, we are taking our clinic environment to a completely new, high level and feel very well positioned with regard to current and future requirements. Synaforce enables us to create a future-proof and secure digital environment. This not only reduces our workload, but also gives us the confidence we need to respond proactively to challenges such as hacker attacks and regulatory updates."

Robert Korherr, Managing Director / CEO, ProSoft GmbH: "We use the TEHTRIS XDR platform for our customers because it is the only such comprehensive European platform. Especially in the highly sensitive healthcare sector and KRITIS, data protection is indispensable - with TEHTRIS, no data ends up on cloud servers in the USA or elsewhere, everything stays in Europe. The excellent combination of the individual TEHTRIS modules ensures that the system for attack detection, network monitoring, endpoint protection and log evaluation required by the KRITIS regulations is fully complied with - without the need to manually synchronize different systems."


synaforce vision and mission:

Andreas Braidt, COO and Co-CEO of synaforce: "We look forward to working with clinics and all other healthcare facilities, regardless of their size, to create real value and accelerate the digital transformation in the healthcare sector."

Tobias Lehner, CTO synaforce: "At Klinik Menterschwaige, we also found far-reaching technological complexity at the start of the project, but also the great understanding of those responsible for the constantly growing IT requirements and the associated challenges that exist in both smaller and much larger facilities, such as the Marienhaus Group, with whom we have been working in partnership since 2023. Together, we have designed a large number of tailor-made solutions for hospital operators to bring them up to date with the latest digitalization and IT security."

Michael Heinlein, Managing Director of GTMHC Digital Care GmbH: "From my perspective as a digitalization consultant for hospitals, three questions arise, especially for smaller hospitals, when it comes to IT infrastructure in the future:
1. does it make sense to have their own IT infrastructure in order to keep it secure in the future?
2. IT security requirements are becoming ever more stringent, how can I ensure this and
3. how can I staff this if I cannot employ my own IT experts in-house?
I am delighted that I have been able to accompany the Menterschwaige Clinic on the path to a new IT and digitalization structure and that together we have found the right partner for the future of IT in synaforce to provide the answers to all aspects of IT outsourcing, including 1st and 2nd level support for hardware, IT security, etc. I am convinced that this is the right approach. I am convinced that this is the right way forward."


Please contact for appointments at the DMEA with the synaforce managing directors responsible for the project on the pioneering cloud solutions, digitization initiatives for hospitals and certified, compliant full managed service providing Hannes Beierlein, CMO, or Klaus Rusche, synaforce PR unit,

We will be available at the DMEA in Berlin from April 9 to 11, 2024 at our synaforce booth in Hall 2.2 /A-117 for personal information on our cloud solutions for the healthcare sector and clinics. 

If you cannot attend the DMEA but are interested in our solutions and topics in the KRITIS area, please send us your non-binding inquiry. Practical examples of successfully implemented cloud solutions from synaforce for clinics, care facilities and medical technology companies as well as insights into strategies for optimizing innovations in the clinical environment are available for download in our white paper.