Power for digital processes and business models in critical industries.



Today, as in the future, a state-of-the-art cloud environment is essential to drive business modernisation. Ingo Schönberger, synaforce site manager in Mainz, advises immediate action.


Companies that want to participate in the potential of cyberspace must position themselves for the future in the infinite expanses of digital solutions. This presents IT operations with challenges of epic proportions: not only do they have to be updated in real time, they also have to guarantee scalability and security in hyperspace. Sustainably. In addition, 24/7 availability is required, while automation systems such as artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms set the pace.

Without the use of cloud services, these requirements are simply impossible," says Ingo Schönberger, synaforce site manager in Mainz, and continues: "The digital revolution demands immense computing potential from the cloud. Whether it's computing power or software-as-a-service, SMEs, the public sector and hospitals in particular are investing more and more in modernising their IT and digitalising their processes."

"The cloud is no longer just a playground for IT enthusiasts," says Schönberger, because "modern specialist departments in particular are pushing their IT departments to introduce cloud services in order to adapt to rapidly changing customer and market requirements. At synaforce, we can demonstrate and offer practical solutions based on numerous best practices from a wide range of critical and, above all, security-relevant industries."

synaforce's portfolio of IT services ranges from customised solutions for specific industry requirements - for example in the hospital environment - to standardised offerings enriched with exclusive services from our own data centres and the seamless integration of state-of-the-art cloud technologies from major providers. Our understanding of high-end services is based on in-depth customisation and outstanding performance, which we tailor specifically to the needs of our customers.

According to Schönberger, synaforce has established itself as a reliable partner that can offer 'full service', especially in critical industries.At the same time, he and his teams are directly available to IT departments for particularly demanding requirements: "With our support, companies can outsource precisely those tasks that they do not want to or cannot carry out themselves, allowing them to concentrate on their core competences."

In this way, synaforce delivers concrete added business value resulting from the increased use of cloud services:

- In addition to increasing efficiency and reducing costs by using our 360° IT services, SMEs and public authorities optimise their IT resources. Our cloud services enable the flexible use of capacities as well as their customisation according to requirements.

- Our cloud platforms, which are hosted in Germany and therefore GDPR-compliant, offer numerous tools and services that accelerate the development and provision of new applications and therefore enable our customers to be more agile, e.g. to react more quickly to market changes.

Cloud services customers usually focus on the ability to scale IT resources in line with demand.In this way, synaforce flexibly adapts its infrastructure to cope with peak loads or reduce resources if demand decreases, optimising the use of IT capacities and conserving budgets. The focus is always on the latest technologies, which synaforce continuously invests in and develops itself. This gives our clients access to state-of-the-art technology and enables them to remain competitive in the long term.