Innovation, focus on the future, sustainability – what young talents want of companies



The battle for talents is no longer won with fresh fruit and team events. Today, young talents demand more of their employers. Synaforce shows how companies can attract newcomers with innovation, a focus on the future, and sustainability.

How to succeed as a company in an ever more hotly contested market? How to impress young talents, recruit qualified personnel, and thus lay the foundation for future success? In this battle for talents, many rely on offering fringe benefits and other incentives. Synaforce employees of course also enjoy all of these. Yet tomorrow’s IT experts demand even more of companies, namely innovation, a focus on the future, and sustainability.


Young talents demand meaningful work that yields added value

The labor market’s next generation not only wants optimum working conditions with flexible working models, health and well-being benefits, and career development opportunities; above all else, they want what they do to be meaningful. Companies must therefore focus all their efforts on creating genuine innovations with products and services that are relevant to major issues of our times: How do we tackle the challenges of digitalization? How do we achieve more sustainability, climate and environmental protection through green IT? How to preserve our natural resources, save raw materials, and at the same time take social aspects into consideration? Companies will only convince young talents if they find credible answers to these questions.


Authenticity generates trust

It is crucial that companies be one thing above all else, they must be authentic. No one should maintain that they have reached certain goals or that they have already complied with or even exceeded government requirements, if it is not true. Trust squandered can result in long-term damage to a company as an employer brand. By contrast, it is a major advantage if companies clearly set out how they stand on their journey to sustainable management, admit to having committed errors or omissions in the past, and communicate that they genuinely want to remedy them and learn from their mistakes. In this way, prospective employees will perceive the company as an authentic employer.


Synaforce unites innovation and sustainability

With its products and 360-degree services, Synaforce helps customers to tackle their challenges and offers innovative solutions for individual requirements relating to the digitalization of business. Future-focused products and services set a new standard for the technology of the future. At the same time, with its award-winning certified data centers, Synaforce has long pursued its goal of one hundred per cent green IT. We post our progress on this journey in our blog and show our various steps towards more sustainability. Synaforce thus offers employees the possibility to shape the digital future and use genuine innovations to forge ahead with environmental and climate protection.