Evaporation cold – innovative cooling systems save energy and costs



The right cooling system is of vital importance for modern data centers. If server temperatures are too high, wear occurs and there is a risk of system failure and data loss. Innovative cooling systems are the solution.


Growing volumes of data continuously heighten demand for modern data centers with higher capacities. Ever-better technology and less and less space in existing server buildings is the result. The latest generation of energy-intensive servers and the lack of space pose a challenge, and it is a major one: heat.

It can cause a high degree of equipment wear and tear and result in significant additional operating costs; worst case even the risk of fire and the loss of valuable data. Efficient cooling technology is therefore vital for modern data centers in order to counteract excessive heat, protect technology and sensitive data, and to contribute to sustainability and climate protection.


Ineffective, but widespread: Air cooling

Data center operators can choose from a wide range of options. Many continue to opt for air cooling. The principle is the same as that of a fan: Cold air from the outside absorbs the server heat and then discharges it. However, this system has disadvantages. As air has only a low specific heat capacity, it can only absorb small quantities of thermal energy.

Air cooling in data centers therefore only works with large volumes and the systems take up a great deal of space. In addition, high outdoor temperatures pose a problem, as hot air can only contribute marginally to cooling. Air conditioning systems, which cool the air with compressors, also consume large amounts of energy, and often use hazardous chemicals.


Higher cooling efficiency using water

A growing number of data centers are therefore turning to cooling systems that use water. After all, water has a four-fold higher specific heat capacity than air. This makes these systems much more compact. In addition, liquid-cooling functions reliably even at high temperatures, which not only permits use on hot days, but also a higher level of server utilization and thus also computing power. The water can subsequently be used to heat adjacent offices or as long-distance heating for residential buildings.


An innovative cooling system for synaforce's modern data center

Synaforce also opts for the benefits of innovative cooling systems. Its modern data center at Hofkirchen uses the maximum energy efficiency solution provided by the Munters company. It is based on the principle of indirect evaporation cooling that also occurs on wet skin, and therefore consists of a combination of air and liquid-based cooling. A self-cleaning heat exchanger ensures the necessary server cooling, by means of which heat is removed from the server rooms through evaporation. Should the public water supply fail at any time, the data center has its own water reservoir in the shape of a swimming pool that is open to employees.


Benefits of the Munters solution

The Munters system functions perfectly also in hot outdoor temperatures and ensures reliable operation even in extreme conditions. In addition, with a PUE (power usage effectiveness) score of 1.1, the system is extremely energy-efficient, cost-saving, and resource-friendly. By comparison: The PUE score of an average data center is between 1.5 and 1.8. The Munters solution is therefore a perfect fit for Synaforce’s overall concept, which is aimed at deploying innovative technologies to contribute to more sustainability and climate protection. The cooling system also ensures maximum security of the stored data and availability of Synaforce’s 360-degree services.