Successful partnerships: synaforce's commitment within ECHO eG



Knowledge exchange and successful partnerships

Together for us - this guiding principle drives both ECHO eG and synaforce, and is also the basis for the commitment of numerous other IT service providers to improve their products and services for their customers and partners. As founding members, we have been part of ECHO eG since November 2021. 


Sharing knowledge, skills and resources is a matter of course for us at synaforce and an integral part of our corporate philosophy. After all, it is on the basis of this idea that we have become what we are today: An IT service provider, created by the merger of leading IT companies from all over Germany, who have joined forces to achieve even more for our customers and to be able to offer better services. 

ECHO eG is a cooperatively organised association of leading European hosters and IT companies. The aim of the members is to strengthen each individual and the community as a whole through the exchange of know-how and joint work on diverse projects. The members contribute their skills to the cooperative, which in turn offers them various advantages through a broad partner network and representation at national and international level. 



Members benefit from various partners  

The strong community within ECHO eG is thus able to act independently and profitably on the market and offer the best possible hosting services. Through membership, the participating companies can further optimise their products and services based on the transfer of knowledge and experience among each other as well as through cooperation with various partners, increase the quality of their own solutions and improve support for customers.  

Particularly noteworthy are the partnerships with, Crayon and Insight: is the largest open source communication platform in the world and enables modern and secure communication internally, externally and worldwide. As the official distributor, ECHO eG is the first point of contact for the planning, implementation and use of the solution for customers from medium-sized businesses, large companies and the public sector.  

As a globally operating IT service and consulting company, Crayon offers companies manufacturer-independent and customer-oriented services and IT consulting. The aim is to develop individual solutions in the software and cloud sector. The teams of certified experts focus on integrity, speed, quality and agility. 

Insight supports customers in the selection and integration of modern and powerful technologies into their systems and IT landscapes. In doing so, the company combines comprehensive hardware, software and service know-how.  

As a member of ECHO eG, synaforce can draw on the skills and expertise of these partners and thus offer customers even better services. 

Licence use via ECHO eG 

In addition, synaforce benefits from the Services Provider Licence Agreement of ECHO eG. These include more flexibility through dedicated or shared hosting environments, scalable cost models and constantly updated and powerful Microsoft products.  

As a voting member of ECHO eG, synaforce is actively working towards the joint future success of all the companies involved here. Because we know from our own experience and history: Only together can we master the current and future challenges and position ourselves successfully on the market in the long term.