A decade of successful partnership: Multidata and synaforce



The long-standing partnership between Multidata Software International Vertriebs GmbH and synaforce is a prime example of successful and generative cooperation in the IT sector.

Since 2010, synaforce has acted as a central hoster and data centre for Multidata and its clients, which takes a number of advantages: thanks to this collaboration, Multidata has access to a highly available and secure infrastructure that enables it to offer its sophisticated software solutions to its customers securely and reliably around the clock.



The partnership also benefits from the fact that synaforce itself actively uses Multidata's software tools, integrates them directly into its own IT infrastructure and also develops them further together. This ensures continuous quality improvement and increases the ability to react to market changes. As a sales partner for Germany, synaforce also plays a key role in the distribution of Multidata solutions and products.

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