Use case manufacturing – Synaforce at the service of manufacturing companies

Intelligent connected production facilities and operating systems are a must today in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies that want to unlock the potential offered by digitalization and to enjoy peace of mind in relation to system cyber security can rely on Synaforce’s 360-degree services.


The manufacturing industry benefits from digitalization like almost no other industrial sector. In recent years, thanks to innovative technologies, machinery, and plant connectivity, as well as digitally optimized processes, manufacturing companies have been able to increase their productivity, automate and improve manufacturing processes, and thus celebrate huge success. This euphoria aside, digitalization has also contributed to a greater risk for companies.

Smart factory IoT and OT offer cyber criminals various opportunities for attack should security standards be neglected and protective mechanisms lacking. With its 360-degree services, an experienced partner like Synaforce can both create neuronal networks and implement innovative applications for the manufacturing industry, as well as ensure maximum security with the help of innovative security solutions.


Comprehensive services for manufacturing companies

Synaforce assumes the role of hardware and software provider for manufacturing companies and can fully host their IT infrastructures and server landscapes, in both its own certified award-winning data centers and in on-premises corporate IT environments. Customers have access to both local and remote user help desks. Together with partner firms, Synaforce additionally supports companies with SAP hosting and SAP full managed service providing, and supplies comprehensive advice on all the possibilities offered by SAP solutions. The high-end data center solution provider’s innovative software solutions including ERP and CRM systems further help to digitally map and optimize business processes. In order to address individual requirements quickly and comprehensively, Synaforce offers all kinds of programming services in this area.


Digitalization and security must go hand in hand

Synaforce’s solutions offer manufacturing companies huge benefits especially regarding protection from hacker attacks. Strict separation of corporate IT backups, network segmentation, and high security standards in modern data centers, makes it much more difficult for cyber criminals to infiltrate systems and cause damage. In one specific case, following a cyber attack on an SME, Synaforce was able to restore its entire IT infrastructure from an old back-up, and was thus able to secure the company’s operability and ultimately, its survival. Afterwards, various security measures were implemented, including multi-factor authentication, extended backup solutions, and improved virus protection. Numerous further attacks were effectively foiled, preventing any new damage to the company.


With its comprehensive advice and 360-degree services, Synaforce ensures that the manufacturing industry will continue to prosper in the future thanks to intelligent digital solutions. The high-end data center solution provider not only focuses on system and plant connectivity, but also the necessary security measures to protect companies from the detrimental consequences of hacker attacks on their business.