Managed services more in demand than ever - with synaforce to fail-safe IT systems!



 Back-end systems, monitoring, IT support or service management: In today's digital era, in which companies rely on "running systems" and fail-safe IT systems and data storage, managed services are becoming increasingly important. 

Cyberattacks, laws, complexity and a lack of know-how and personnel require individual strategies and solutions, such as those offered by synaforce. Hannes Beierlein, CMO of synaforce, explains why the demand for managed services is growing increasingly and in the long term: 


Efficiency enhancement 


The complexity of modern IT infrastructures requires deep, in-depth expertise to ensure full performance is fail-safe and up-to-date. Synaforce has teams of highly qualified experts nationwide who specialize in cloud computing, network security, hosting and managing the IT environments of its more than one hundred clients. By outsourcing their IT management to synaforce, companies can fully access this expertise, free up their internal resources for more strategic tasks and save costs. 


Budget protection & control: 


Providing and maintaining your own IT infrastructure involves massive one-time as well as ongoing costs. By using managed services, companies can control and even reduce these expenses. Synaforce offers flexible service packages that are configured to the individual requirements of their clients to ensure both the cost-efficient use of resources and better predictability of expenditures. 


Compliance & Security 


Data security and compliance with all legal requirements are elementary. For this purpose, synaforce has implemented proven and at the same time state-of-the-art security measures in its data centers to ensure the protection of its customers' data at all times. Through continuous and automated monitoring, regular audits and the use of state-of-the-art security procedures, synaforce works passionately and at full speed to effectively counter the increasing threats of the cyber world as well as to meet compliance requirements. 


Scalable & flexible: 


Synaforce offers flexible managed services that enable companies to scale IT resources on demand and adapt them without infrastructure investments, e.g. to react quickly to changing market conditions. 


Focus on core competencies: 


By outsourcing IT management tasks to synaforce, companies can focus their IT resources on their own strategic goals as well as core competencies, while synaforce takes over full-service or project-based responsibility for IT management and ensures it today and tomorrow. 


Developing an individual strategy for companies 


Synaforce is a contact and solution provider for all services related to a modern IT infrastructure. Whether it's the operation of back-end systems, monitoring, IT support, the hosting and administration of company-owned IT environments or service management - synaforce responsibly takes on all IT tasks, both on-site and directly at one of our locations. 


"Outsourcing complete IT environments to synaforce thereby offers companies the opportunity to always benefit from the latest technologies and not miss any digital trend. By providing the highest level of security, we ensure that your critical data is protected and that our services and applications are always available," says Andreas Braidt, Managing Director and CEO of synaforce. 


We will explain to you in a personal conversation how companies can save resources and costs through the experts of synaforce and how they can concentrate on the most important thing again, namely creating and advancing their own innovation. Feel free to contact us without obligation. 


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