Use Case healthcare – Synaforce at the service of the healthcare and medicine



Digitally optimized processes and innovative software solutions ensure improvements in the healthcare sector. Synaforce also wants to actively promote digitalization in this area, and aims to empower and support medical engineering companies and patients, as well as medical staff in hospitals.


Digitalization is continuing to make headway in Germany’s healthcare sector. A few years ago, solutions and applications such as consultations via video, electronic patient files, e-prescriptions and connected medical devices were unthinkable.

Today, appropriate legislation, intelligent systems, and digitally optimized processes are generating increasing data volumes in the healthcare sector. Medical engineering companies use them to continuously develop their services and products. This way, they improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients and facilitate the work of medical staff in doctor’s offices and hospitals. The potential ready to be unlocked in the digital present and future of the healthcare industry is thus huge. The necessary software solutions and data center capacities for the profitable processing of data volumes are provided by Synaforce’s innovative 360-degree services.  


How medical engineering companies benefit from Synaforce

Synaforce supports Pausch Medical GmbH with comprehensive services and customized software solutions. The medical device manufacturer primarily develops and manufactures products in the area of diagnostic radiology and is an experienced partner of world market leaders. Synaforce carried out the migration of the complete IT infrastructure for Pausch Medical GmbH to its modern data center at Hofkirchen, from where it manages the entire server landscape. In addition, the high-end data center solution provider supplies all software licenses via SPLA and hosts the Citrix terminal server for all the office and ERP applications.


Mavig GmbH, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality X-ray protection products for doctor’s offices and hospitals, also benefits from Synaforce’s services. Along with the full range of managed services, Synaforce provides remote and local user help desks, ensures secure VPN connections between the production sites of Mavig GmbH and the connected data center as hosting site for the company’s entire IT environment, and offers additional comprehensive security solutions.


An innovative app for improved processes and care in hospitals

Along with these services for various companies in the healthcare industry, Synaforce also develops innovation healthcare applications. In cooperation with the app development specialist ChallTech, Synaforce has brought an app for indoor navigation onto the market to facilitate everyday work in hospitals and support patients. Based on beacon technology, this enables asset tracking or the recording of medical and technical stocks in hospitals, and helps patients to find their way around hospitals, saving them time-consuming searches for the right department and treatment rooms. Synaforce also ensured that the app was accessible, for instance by integrating a voice assistant for persons with vision impairments. In addition, thanks to Bluetooth low energy, the app functions even without network coverage.


Synaforce promotes the digitalization of the healthcare industry with all these products and comprehensive 360-degree services, and thus actively contributes to improving services for patients, to supporting medical staff, and to digitally optimizing the processes of healthcare companies.