Use case media and telecommunications – Synaforce’s services for companies in this sector



In recent years, the media and telecommunications industry has been caught in the throes of significant change processes. The digital transformation is once more the root cause. Synaforce supports companies in this sector with 360-degree services and innovative solutions.


Over many years, media and telecommunications companies have developed into diversely natured enterprises active in various areas, individual parts of which are subject to different business processes and market circumstances. The industry combines the creation and marketing of content over various distribution channels. Digitalization has compelled media and telecommunication companies to address the new digital reality and to adapt their business accordingly. This was because working business models literally became unprofitable overnight due to new digital possibilities. At the same time, a constant stream of new channels needs to be served, and trends change at a rapid pace. The pressure to transform is therefore particularly high for companies in this sector.


Many media and telecommunications companies labor under increasingly divergence. Some departments are compelled to digitalize quickly and develop new data-based business options, while other parts of the enterprise tarry and fail to appreciate the need for transformation. IT departments run the risk of being overwhelmed by the challenges of operative business and the demand for digital innovations for internal management and the operation of systems and applications.

Third-party service providers for efficient IT systems

Third-party service providers like Synaforce offer media and telecommunications companies solutions for running in-house IT systems, digitally optimizing processes, and developing new applications and environments to efficiently circulate content. The high-end data center solution provider offers 360-degree services to customers in its award-winning certified data centers. The portfolio includes data centers, managed services, cloud, and software solutions. Companies benefit from the scalability, availability, and security of Synaforce’s products, and can therefore reduce their costs, save resources, and take the load off their own IT departments.


How Synaforce provides support in the medie and telecommunications industry 

For example, Synaforce effectively supports Neumarkter Wochenblatt Verlags GmbH with comprehensive services and customized software solutions. The IT specialist carried out the migration of the complete IT infrastructure for the customer to its modern data center at Hofkirchen, from where it manages the entire server landscape. In addition, the high-end data center solution provider supplies all software licenses via SPLA and hosts the Citrix terminal server for all the office and ERP applications. Along with the full range of managed services, Synaforce provides remote and local user help desks, ensures secure VPN connections between the customer’s sites and the connected data center as hosting site for the company’s entire IT environment.