From data centers to software solutions. Overview of Synaforce’s 360-degree services.

As a high-end data center solution provider, Synaforce promises its customers comprehensive advice and 360-degree services from a single source. Below, the team provides an overview of the company’s varied portfolio, from data centers to software solutions.


Drawing on the performance of its award-winning certified data centers, Synaforce creates a neuronal network with maximum connectivity in real time. The aim is to combine innovative 360-degree services with sustainability, security, and high-availability of services and systems. Due to the fast pace of the digital transformation, companies are compelled to adapt their IT infrastructure especially regarding system security, availability, and efficiency.


In order to effectively tackle this challenge, they can take advantage of the services and products of various service providers. However, the latter often only offer insular solutions for individual requirements, but not holistic services that cover the entire complexity of modern corporate IT environments. As a high-end data center solution provider focusing on 360-degree services, Synaforce meets the specific digital requirements demanded by companies.


Data centers

Synaforce’s award-winning certified data centers form the basis for its comprehensive portfolio of products and services. It reflects the great value we place on sustainability and environmental protection paired with advanced technology. Our customers therefore benefit from state-of-the-art technologies and the latest innovations. In addition, digital and physical security measures ensure the highest level of data protection and reliability, as well as maximum availability of critical corporate data and services.


Managed services

The burden of resource consumption, rising costs, and legal requirements for the operation of on-premises IT infrastructure weighs increasingly heavily on companies. They can overcome these challenges by outsourcing their entire corporate IT to Synaforce. We support companies with 360-degree advice, hosting, and operation in our data centers, enabling them to save internal resources and reduce costs, and their IT department to focus on tasks that generate added value. At the same time, the high security of our hosting environments affords maximum protection from the growing danger of cyber criminality.


Cloud solutions

 Synaforce is confident that the future lies in the cloud. Companies benefit from the various advantages of modern cloud environments such as security, scalability, and cost savings. However, many hesitate to migrate their systems into the cloud, because they are unable to estimate the opportunities and expense, and at the same time, many products available on the market do not meet their requirements. Synaforce conducts an exact analysis of its customers’ needs, based on which it develops a tailored cloud strategy. It advises customers and finds the right solution for them, no matter whether as a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.


Software solutions

Digitalization offers companies immense opportunities. They can benefit from data-driven processes and digitally optimized business processes. However, the right tools and software applications are also required, and they must be tailored to suit the special needs of the respective companies. Based on a comprehensive analysis, Synaforce provides suitable software solutions from a single source, which focus on digitizing specific business processes to thus increase the customer’s productivity and optimize their costs.


Companies can only tackle the challenges of digitalization with the support and expertise of an experienced partner such as Synaforce. Combined with comprehensive advice, the 360-degree services and innovative solutions of the nationwide high-end data center solution provider smooth the path for companies on their journey into the digital future.