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The digital transformation of the healthcare industry requires innovative and sustainable solutions. ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK's eHealth Incubator plays a central role in this by bringing together hospitals, associations and industrial companies. synaforce also has a strong presence at the various events with its own topics and as an active sponsor. You can find out all the background and information about synaforce's participation in this blog post.


The healthcare industry is in a constant state of change, driven by advancing digitalization and the increasing need to develop efficient and innovative solutions. In this context, the Eco System ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK - the eHealth Incubator, has established itself as a key initiative to drive this transformation forward. Since 2006, this incubator has been working with hospital decision-makers to realize the opportunities of digital transformation by revolutionizing the healthcare industry through the annual selection of the 5 digitalization topics by hospitals.

The eHealth Incubator brings together 38 supporting associations, over 800 individual hospital sites and more than 170 industrial companies. The aim is to make the benefits of digitalization projects visible and thereby achieve sustainable improvements in healthcare. The eHealth Incubator makes it possible to develop and test innovative solutions before they are implemented on a large scale. The annual eHealth Incubator is divided into the decision-maker event, the summer camp and the results event. At the decision-maker event, the 5 digitalization topics are selected by the clinics and the clinics then choose and participate in these topics. This digitalization summit of the healthcare industry is the kick-off event of the eHealth Incubator. The development of topics, i.e. the achievement of solutions and quality assurance, takes place at the summer camp with an industry member. The results are presented for the first time at the eHealth Incubator results event. The results event takes place at the Digital Health Leadership Summit of the founding association of the Eco System, AHIME e.V. The official presentation of the results with the awarding of the teams then takes place on the first day of the decision-maker event in the following year.

Other central event formats of the Eco System are

  • The decision-maker workshops, i.e. workshops at hospital members.
  • The special seminar, i.e. webinars on urgent current topics.
  • The management training on digital transformation in the USA with the SHIME certificate.
  • The CDO, CIO and SSP certifications as part of the decision-maker workshops.
  • The Congress on Hospital Management and Digital Transformation and the Digital Health Leadership Summit are also organized for the founding association.



Topic for 2025 already submitted

synaforce is participating in the eHealth Incubator initiative to promote and actively shape the implementation of digital transformations in the healthcare industry. By participating, synaforce is contributing its own expertise in data center and cloud solutions as well as IT services and its experience in the healthcare industry, while also benefiting from innovative approaches and exchanges with other industry players.

For 2025, synaforce has submitted the topic "Cost-efficient fulfillment of NIS-2 through outsourcing - 5 steps at eye level" for processing as part of the eHealth Incubator. This project aims to support hospitals and healthcare facilities in meeting the requirements of the NIS-2 directive efficiently and cost-effectively. Using a structured outsourcing model, compliance and security are to be achieved at the highest level in five clearly defined steps without placing an excessive burden on the facilities' internal resources. This not only ensures legal compliance, but also strengthens IT security and increases operational efficiency.


synaforce sets strong accents in the eHealth Incubator 2024

synaforce has already been actively involved in the eHealth Incubator again this year. Among other things, synaforce was represented by Co-CEO Andreas Braidt at the Summer Camp in Zurich. There he was able to gain valuable insights and new impetus for digitalization in the healthcare industry. Andreas Braidt tells us more about his impressions and experiences in this video. synaforce will also be present as a sponsor at this year's results event at the Digital Health Leadership Summit on December 3 and 4 in Leipzig.

In addition, synaforce will be presenting at the congress of the founding association of the Eco System, "Successfully implementing digitization strategies of clinics!" on July 4 in Neuss as part of a lecture on the topic: "Private Cloud, Cybersecurity, NIS-2, C5,... ?!! - Strategy and implementation together with a partner who understands hospitals." The two synaforce Managing Directors Peter Hartl and Andreas Braidt, together with a hospital representative, will present practical insights and proven strategies. Further information on the session can be found here.


We look forward to deepening our discussions on the digital future of the healthcare sector at upcoming events and jointly developing our innovative ideas for the industry.


At synaforce, we all strive for innovation and are always looking for the best solution to promote sustainability and deliver real added value.  Find your path at synaforce and work where innovations of the future are created through cooperation!

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