Synaforce and baliosoft join forces to optimize processes



As a long-standing partner, balisoft teams up with synaforce to optimize processes with the help of content management and MS technology-based collaboration. The solutions not only benefit customers, Synaforce also enjoys the advantage of a central platform for sharing information, organization, and project management.



The aim of the joint synaforce-balisoft project is the successive digitalization of own work processes. Products deployed include bs one: portal, bs one: workplace, bs one: directory and bs one: companion. Initially hybrid due to privacy reasons, the platform was launched in the cloud on 15.11.2022.


It is used primarily to structure unstructured data. The storage of information in complex projects often results in key pieces of information being untraceable. Synaforce therefore wants to map the entire company in bs one. As soon as all data are assigned to the structures – a process that takes place in the final stages – file systems will cease to be used. At the same time, paper-based processes will be changed to bs one.


bs one: companion

The internal synaforce information portal is currently only available to employees. It serves as an information system, in which thanks to bs one: companion employees are provided in the app with exactly the information they need in a personalized view. From tasks in customer projects to internal jobs, with the digital workplace on their smartphone, employees are spared long searches. Everyone knows what to do, and is kept in the picture.


Customers and suppliers benefit

The plan is to develop the portal to include customer communication. From making appointments, as a platform for registering visitors or customer onboarding processes – the bs one modules offer many options for improving the efficiency of cooperation with customers. In smaller projects, this is already the case. The entire project management with customers and suppliers is conducted via bs one: workplace and in the future will be standard in all projects.


All relevant project information at a glace

Months often pass from initial inquiries by prospective customers to first appointments, kick-off meetings and the drafting of quotes. Quote adjustments are common, as individual requirements crystallize during meetings. While the lawyers are drawing up the agreements, transition planning is carried out. During this period, hundreds of mails are sent, countless documents exchanged, and diverse tasks must be completed. Previously, it was hardly possible to quickly gain an overview of the situation. This information is now available at the push of a button thanks to bs one: portal and workplace.


Projects with suppliers are also handled with bs one. From certification, handling fault notifications, applying for funding, internal or external projects, wherever sharing information is essential and many tasks need to be tackled, at synaforce bs one is on the job.