A decade of successful partnership: TIM AG and synaforce



For over a decade, our extraordinary cooperation has characterised the IT landscape: the close collaboration between synaforce and TIM AG, which has established itself as a channel development partner among value-added distributors. The partnership, which has more than just grown in its time, is characterised by a deep interlocking of competencies and an exchange that goes beyond the usual business processes.


synaforce, known for its comprehensive expertise in hybrid data centres, and TIM AG, which sources and offers the products of leading data centre and security manufacturers, have created a symbiosis that is unparalleled.

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What makes this partnership special is the shared understanding of quality and reliability. The "handshake counts" approach is not only symbolic of the merchant's honour, but is a lived practice. It is the short distances and fast action outside of rigid processes that form the foundation of this relationship and enable service at a level that is unrivalled elsewhere.
Over the years, cooperation has intensified and support has become more specific - be it in technology selection and architecture, training and design or for specific requirements in special technology areas. TIM AG is also available as a backup for partners, whether by providing personnel or expertise.

The symbiosis between synaforce and TIM AG shows that a trusting co-operation and the willingness to support each other are the basis for continuous success.

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