Visiting: Christoph Reitinger, M&A-Artist und -Expert



M&A stands for Mergers and Acquisitions in English, which translates to Fusionen und Übernahmen in German, and this is the world of Christoph Reitinger. As Head of M&A at synaforce, he brings a vast wealth of experience and a deep understanding of companies and transactions.


Born and raised in the picturesque surroundings of Würzing, just a stone's throw from Hofkirchen, Christoph has had an impressive professional journey and career. His career began after school with training as a computer science expert for system integration in Munich. It soon became clear to him that his interests extended far beyond traditional IT when he first dabbled in the M&A area as an assistant to the then CEO. From then on, corporate mergers and integrations would shape his further professional life.

In discussing the requirements and tasks in his current position, it becomes apparent that Christoph brings a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills: entrepreneurial thinking, a deep understanding of finances and processes, and especially a pronounced knowledge of people are just some of them.

His workdays and nights are characterized by meetings, research, analyses, and negotiations, strategic thinking, and practical implementation. Christoph draws energy and motivation from the successful and complete process guidance of M&A projects, when all interests and potentials of the partners can be successfully merged, as in the seamless integration of Shyann Networks into synaforce. These moments are for him the proof that the right strategy, partnership commitment, and collaborative communication can make anything possible – and thus create the perfect added value for both companies and their employees.

Aside from his professional commitment, Christoph is an enthusiastic skier and mountain lover, but also an active soccer player for his local club in the county league. Besides sports, he has a pronounced passion for motorsports, technologies, and of course economic and financial topics.

As a colleague, he embodies the ideal combination of passion and expertise essential in the world of M&A. His commitment makes him an inspiring personality who can effortlessly describe and actively shape the fascination with the world of mergers and acquisitions.


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