A visit with the CTO of synaforce in Bits & Bytes Wonderland




Tobias Lehner develops and implements digitization strategies, networks and integrates highly complex IT services, places the highest demands on security and quality, is always up to date and still has vacancies in his team.

On the Passau-Regensburg tangent, in Hofkirchen in Lower Bavaria, you'll find the technology & "digital native" headquarters of synaforce; known to geeks as the "oasis of IT enthusiasts". Here, data center professionals are shaping the digital tomorrow together. In agile, flexible and multidisciplinary teams, experienced IT experts and young talents forge digital and highly complex solutions for companies that have anchored cloud, security, data and sustainability in their strategy. 

A look behind the scenes at synaforce reveals a work culture characterized by creativity, innovation and individuality. Working at the forefront of technological progress and playing an active role in shaping the digital future is the common driving force of the approximately 100 employees - who work in a network at several locations throughout Germany. 

Focused on data centers and managed services, the consulting, hardware and software experts at synaforce offer professional newcomers and career changers very exciting prospects, digital playgrounds and, in particular, a future-oriented and secure environment with state-of-the-art workplaces and technologies in the field of data centers and IT. 

Tobias Lehner is CTO of synaforce, expert in technology integration and IT outsourcing. He and his teams create a world of digital, sustainable and secure connectivity with unique, data-driven technologies for the digital future of his customers and partners. 
In an interview with the editor-in-chief of cloudmagazin (to be published in July 2023), Lehner talks about his daily-business, his passion and the attractiveness of synaforce as an employer. 

Cloudmagazin: "Mr. Lehner, please describe synaforce for DAUs and laymen in just one sentence." 

Tobias Lehner: "We are the Germany-wide nerdtropolis for IT enthusiasts who pool their superpowers." (laughs) 

Cloudmagazine: "And how do you describe your job at synaforce?" 

Tobias Lehner: "I work in a world of digital, sustainable and secure connectivity and offer a holistic digital service and consulting spectrum with my colleagues and teams." 

Cloudmagazin: "BigData, cyber, cloud, security are probably standard vocabulary in your daily work - beyond that, where do you see the biggest challenge in digitization? 

Tobias Lehner: "Correct, these terms are an integral part of our daily internal exchange of ideas as well as in our regular dialog with the top IT managers of our customers. For me and my synaforce colleagues, however, my and our responsibility towards people and nature is even higher on the agenda. Sustainability is a central component of our corporate philosophy and runs like a red or green thread through our employee programs, equipment, resources and certificates." 

Cloudmagazine: "Keyword people & employees: What are you and synaforce doing to find and retain young talent?" 

Tobias Lehner: "In addition to standard offers such as the possibility of home office / remote working, ergonomic and modern workplaces, balanced work-life, individual training opportunities and much more, we place very high value on social activities and promote them where and how we can. We want our teams to be able to unleash their creativity, share and celebrate their digital passion, but most importantly feel comfortable doing what they do best." 

Cloudmagazine: "Work-life balance as a keyword: What interests you after work in your real-life?" 

Tobias Lehner: "Family first! And in fact, I am also interested in new technologies and technologies as well as topics around IT security, e-mobility, but also much, much more." 


"Shaping the digital tomorrow together " - synaforce actually has the potential to do just that. The company prides itself on its vision to be a leader in digital transformation and to have a lasting impact on the digital world of tomorrow. synaforce is looking for dedicated employees who share a passion for technology and innovation and want to help shape it together. Apply now!