Job interview: with Mona Lüdemann, network consultant at synaforce



Only about 15 percent of the approximately 1.25 million employees in the IT industry in Germany are women. One of them is Mona Lüdemann at synaforce in Hamburg, who has found her dream job as an expert in network technology and architecture. We talked to her about everyday work and the new tasks she faces every day:

In the interview, Mona talks about her tasks in the daily work routine, the challenges as well as the exciting facets that make the profession her dream job.


synaforce: "Mona, please describe synaforce in just one sentence."

Mona Lüdemann: "Synaforce is an association of specialists for different areas of expertise that complement or overlap each other perfectly and can thus offer comprehensive services from a single source."

synaforce: "And how do you describe your function and activities at synaforce?"

Mona Lüdemann: "I am part of the Network Consulting team at the Hamburg location. Everyone in our team has their own clients that they manage independently. Typical tasks include planning and designing networks and the associated technical documentation.

Due to the constant evolution of network technology, we have to come up with new techniques every day and evaluate them in order to find the best possible solution in discussions with our customers."



synaforce: "Where do you see the biggest challenge in the further development of network technology?"

Mona Lüdemann: "From my point of view, the challenge is, despite the increasing complexity of new technologies, to maintain our claim not only to use them, but also to understand how they work in depth."

synaforce: "How can your essential tasks in your daily professional life be described?"

Mona Lüdemann: "As a network consultant, I support companies in planning, optimizing, implementing and operating their network infrastructure. I work very closely with our customers and think my way into their business requirements in order to jointly develop an optimal solution for their network.

For existing infrastructure, I always start with a comprehensive analysis and documentation of the existing network. When designing a new network design, the focus is on scalability, redundancy, security and cost. Once a design is selected, I plan and coordinate the implementation starting with the procurement of new network equipment.

Depending on the customer, I also perform comprehensive or supporting configuration activities for switches, routers and WLAN components, as well as for firewalls, load balancers and other devices from various manufacturers. After configuration, I perform comprehensive tests in cooperation with the customer, e.g. functional tests and redundancy tests, to ensure smooth operation."


synaforce: "What are the main focal points resulting from this, what do you pay particular attention to?"

Mona Lüdemann: "Precise documentation is a high priority for us, as it ensures transparency and understanding of the network. This is particularly helpful when network faults occur, so that we can quickly isolate the cause and thus minimize downtime for the customer.

synaforce: "How do you ensure you can respond quickly to network faults?"

We operate our management systems, which ensure the monitoring of all relevant network components. These also provide us with the ability to track data traffic in real time via interactive network topologies.


synaforce: "How did you get started in the IT industry, career-wise?"

Mona Lüdemann: "Long before I joined synaforce, I had already developed a desire to work in the IT industry, and so I chose computer science as a profile-accompanying subject in high school in preparation for my computer science studies.

During the summer break between my Abitur and the start of my studies at the HAW in Hamburg, I took my first network training course. Since then, my interest in network technology has been growing continuously. The analysis and solving of complex network problems as well as the continuous development with a view to new technologies and trends fascinate me.

I think every networker knows what I mean when I say the job doesn't let you go. That's why I'm all the more pleased to be able to continue pursuing my passion for my profession at synaforce.

synaforce: "What advantages do you see from the synaforce merger?"

As a result of the merger, I can now concentrate even more on my main focus and pass on peripheral issues to the specialists within synaforce. On the other hand, I am happy to support other teams with my expertise and look forward to the upcoming projects resulting from the merger.


synaforce: "Teamwork is a keyword: What is particularly important to you in the area of human resources and personnel management, and what do you pay most attention to with regard to your colleagues?

Mona Lüdemann: "The ability to work in a team - to support each other, to share knowledge or what we have worked on, but also the willingness to constantly want to learn something new - is very important to me personally, regardless of position. I appreciate the diversity of our team and the advantages that come with a mixed group of colleagues.

From my studies, as the only woman in my year, I know that this is not a matter of course. I am therefore all the more pleased that we have just been able to recruit a second woman for our small team in Hamburg.

From my point of view, this makes our network team one of the pioneers in IT, with a good 30% share of women, and I hope to be able to inspire many more women for IT."


synaforce: "Work-life balance: What interests you -after work- in your real life?"

Mona Lüdemann: "Regular contact and meetings with my friends and family are very important to me. I also like to organize vacations and trips together. Just two weeks ago we returned from a round trip through Sri Lanka. Every time I am amazed by the helpfulness and warm-heartedness of the people I meet on my travels. I am fascinated to experience and discover the cultures and culinary arts of other countries. And yet, after every trip, I also appreciate my home, my daily life and also my work anew."

synaforce: "Thank you so much for your time for this interview and the really interesting insights into your profession!"

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